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Chinese Doors

To verify this, just type in the search query “China’s door>>. Follow others, such as Discovery Communications, and add to your knowledge base. 2. Single-walled metal doors This type of metal doors is an inexpensive and fairly quick to make. Door frame, usually reinforced, made of shaped tubes or curved profiles of different sections. Door leaf thick steel, usually 2 mm or 3 mm.

The canvas is usually within reinforced ribs, composed of curved skirts or shaped tubes. Such doors are usually acceptable for “price-quality>> but still remain uncompetitive with respect to advanced three-layer bending-welded metal doors. 3. Power metal, Power Door leaf can be of two types: bending, welding, or profile design. The thickness of steel should be at least 2 mm. Boxes produced from the profile of whole-rolled pipes. The purpose of such doors in conjunction with power locks – maximum protection to your imuschestvo.Firma “Titan” for over 15 years of successful experience in St. Petersburg manufacture and installation of power metal dverey.Itak: how to choose the right door? “To do this you must set ourselves the question: why do you need a door?” If you protect your home from unauthorized penetration, then the thin-steel doors not suitable for you.

Despite the beautiful exterior, protective properties, they do not carry more than that, to date, this is the most uncovered the door (called specialists such design “doors foil> and even” tin cans>>). To protect the apartment you want power dveri.Pri are advised to put two locks of different types: lever and cylinder. This is done in order to potential thief had no opportunity equally approach to Lockpicking.

Part Construction

As we see, with the introduction of self-construction monitoring system substantially liberalized. How will this affect the consumer? While self-regulatory system of construction is formed, will several more years. During these years, do not expect a dramatic improvement of construction quality. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Discovery Communications. Understanding that the quality of work is an entrance ticket to the construction market, will not come to all the participants and not immediately. We emphasize that the delegation of an sro in the construction of control in some cases, in practice, does not work on a number of systemic causes.

For example, if an sro in the construction of the minimum number of participants (say, a little more than a hundred), then a cpo in order to maintain their legal status will strive to maintain the status quo on the number of its members, that is not interested in excluding them. In this case, the decision to exclude would be inconsistent, what is called 'instinct for self SROs in construction. " In addition, to decide to remove someone from the sro in the building, required the convening of general meeting of the sro and the vote (see article 16 of the Federal Act of 01.12.2007, N 315-FZ, and Part 3 Article 55.7 of the Town Planning Code). That is a question of exclusion is not as straightforward, and it is likely that even if the grounds for excluding it is resolved favorably. This decision depends from the views of most members of the sro. Earlier, the question of revocation or suspension of a building permit was solved by administrative means (decision of the authorized public authority). As already noted, State delegate its functions to control the activities involved in the construction market in the sro in the building. What is this new control? sro approves internal regulations, such as requirements for issuing certificates of tolerance, rule of self-control rules in the field of self-regulatory system of disciplinary measures, standards, self-regulatory organizations.

These regulatory documents must adhere to all members of the sro in the building. Otherwise, violators could be excluded from the cpo, so – would lose access to the building market. It should be emphasized that if all of the previously licensed requirements for the state to the builders, were united, but now on this subject in every sro in the building may have its own individual ideas about control, its own policy. In some sro in the construction level control will be higher in others – below. There are certain patterns. For example, SROs, which is not enough members, will seek to weaken the control of that to recruit new members and to avoid excluding SROs in the construction of the state registry because of a shortfall. SROs, which consists of a large number of 'heterogeneous' companies may be interested in tightening their requirements and standards. The rationale for this – desire to clean up its ranks of 'building slag'. Thus, SROs in construction will reduce the risks associated with a decrease in the size of the compensation fund and the possible exception of the sro for this reason from the state registry. The most successful sro building at a certain stage of its development will take care of improving the quality of its members by all legal means.

Dry Construction Mixes

Dry mixes for today were widely in construction. You will confirm any, whether the builder – a beginner or an experienced professional that mixes become material for floors, an integral component repair and waterproofing compounds, adhesives for stone and ceramics, the pointing Grout color, grout for joints of granite – all these mixes, which are distinguished by high consumer qualities. Dry mixture – this is, by and large, cement and sand, but over time in the manufacture of mortars have been used these or other additives (for example, increasing the reliability of the final layer, water-retaining) to give required properties (setting time, strength, toughness, etc.), but it is worth mentioning that the qualitative results will differ from those obtained with the use of standard cement-sand mixtures. In plaster case mixes are also very much needed: they are formed by surface texture, plus their application can adjust the viscosity, setting time. Straining cement – a variant of the expanding cement representing a fast setting and quick-binder.

Solidified solution has a high water resistance. Straining cement is useful for thin-walled concrete design and construction of capacitive structures, manufacture of pressure pipes. Alumina cement – a hydraulic binder material obtained by roasting, which is produced in blast furnaces, electric commodity a mixture of bauxite and limestone, and characterized by high speed. Alumina cement on the content of Al2O3 is divided into ordinary alumina cement (the contents of Al2O3 and 55% of its melting temperature will be 1450-1480 C) and high-alumina cement (up 70%; 1700-1750 C). Good high alumina cement refractory, a rapid strengthening of ties, resistance to corrosion. The refractory mixture – is a dry mixture on the basis of high-alumina cement and refractory fillers in the composition is still a mixture of modifying additives; refractory mixture is used in masonry and plaster furnace repair heating units. To date, dry mixes in the stores are as both foreign and domestic producers (Ceresit, Glims, etc.).

Financial Requirement

Mandatory condition for the establishment of SROs in construction is the existence of a compensation fund, formed by contributions from the members of the sro. For SROs in the area of engineering research and training project Documentation data contributions should not be less than 500 thousand rubles to one member. Accordingly, their minimum compensation fund should be equal to 25 million rubles. Compensation Fund, sro construction should be formed in an amount not less than 1 million rubles for one member and be at least 100 million rubles. If the documents sro strotelstve a requirement to insure its members, civic responsibility, which may occur in the event of injury due to the shortcomings of works affecting the security of capital construction, the financial requirement is reduced: one member of the engineering survey and design companies – 150 thousand rubles, sro Building – 300 thousand rubles. Read more here: CBS.

As we see, on the one hand, the financial qualifications for entry into the sro in the building is very high. Recalling also the mandatory data financial cost to the each, even a small narrow profile of the company, we can conclude that not all who work in the construction sector entities the financial requirement will be available. On the other hand, on its own compensation fund, formed due to the minimal contribution may be insufficient to compensate for the harm caused by deficiencies of works affecting the security of capital construction. Thus, damage the error of the designer may at times exceed 25 million rubles. Also, speaking of the financial obligations of the members of the sro in the building, must be aware of how accessible will the construction market for new established companies. Would not such a high financial constraint qualification for entry into the sphere of construction of new participants and, consequently, the reason for monopolizing the market for construction services? So, with such a significant cost of adequacy of compensation fund yet in doubt. Insurance is liability entails the payment of insurance companies under the treaty of contributions are not subject to refunded under any circumstances, and thus increases the cost of service organizations of the building complex. A compromise approach is appropriate to create a system of collective insurance under the Law on the sro or the formation of certain insurance pools for industry-wide level, which would unite the financial resources of all these companies the industry.

Best Building Materials

Absolutely every professional construction company, or personal property developer, definitely has all of the building materials in the construction of a desired object, and in particular the residential buildings. First Data building materials should definitely have some properties in the list are mandatory event – Regulatory, because without it does not really build a secure and comfortable home, that absolutely everyone will meet all the requirements in the side of his master. Also worth noting is that building materials should definitely be purchased at low market value at another form stipulated estimates can not be carried out, which means the contractor can not obtain the expected some profit from the construction of any object. Based on the previously listed in full is not in general nothing surprising in the fact that just as companies and individual developers prefer to buy all kinds of building materials at wholesale and retail as well as bases. On which there is direct appropriate conditions for preservation of the products because it is definitely building materials most susceptible to temperature changes and, of course, humidity. In fact, exactly the kind of base, in turn, are able to provide the necessary high-quality products at a reasonable cost. In construction, as well as for finishing of virtually any home, and even more so when the option is the home of the tree is in the course of construction materials such as wood. A leading source for info: Leslie Moonves. It is understandable if you want to buy, for example floor boards or some other need to buy a cut timber, the perfect place in which the proposed timber sale, and, accordingly, there really is everything you need to buy, will be – modern base timber.

Mainly important advantage of this site will list the relevant products, own environment which at all times is not difficult to find, say, for example, a block house or bar. In this case, it is undoubtedly the cost of lumber, because lumber prices, in particular because lumber production occurs immediately, at any time will be significantly less than in the ordinary of the stores are in fact mere intermediaries. In addition to the advantages of the method if buy lumber at the base, it is worth noting that the supply of sawn timber produced transport framework. And besides, probably not more than would be practical for all people is the fact that the global Internet there is an official site of the base. In particular, because of this, there is a real possibility, at any time available, not merely a figure based on the presence here of the necessary materials, such as lining, but also, if necessary, anything to find, say, the timber price.

In addition, by itself, make an order for transportation to the principle of all the required materials directly to the venue construction. Ultimately, purchase all required high-quality materials in one place, lumber wholesale will save much money, and the means to build absolutely any object, from an economic point of view, would be more profitable business. Necessarily the final cost of each building will obviously include the purchase price of building materials. So you should buy them at wholesale depots.

Choosing A Skylight

Installation of roof windows can increase the illumination of premises at 30-40% at the same glazing area. If we compare attic and dormer window, the first installation will be much cheaper and faster. For more information see Leslie Moonves. "To determine the number of windows, it is worth considering that the minimum area of glazing should be at least 1 / 10 the total area of the room – says Victoria , manager of business development for velux, the world the market leader in roof windows. – When planning to bear in mind that some windows, especially on opposite sides, provide better coverage than one of the same area, located close by. Do not forget about , , . When you select a specific manufacturer should pay attention to the ecological safety of in-process manufacturing materials, which must be confirmed by hygienic certificate.

As installed skylights in the roof surface itself, and it is the most intense attacks by air precipitation, we can not lose sight of the issue of reliability. "To the windows do not" shed tears "during the first rain, it is necessary to comply with the technology installation construction", – says Victoria . The expert makes velux emphasis on the ready set attic windows. They are in addition to accessories include all necessary mounting components: external salaries set for hydro and thermal insulation, vapor barrier and slopes. Questions as usually carefully worked out manufacturers of roof windows. The standard solutions proposed system with energy efficient glazing. Its interior space is filled with an inert gas, such as argon or krypton (their thermal conductivity, respectively, 1,4 and 2,6 times less air). And the outer glass is Low-E coating (known as i-and k-glass), which reflects the heat into the room. To minimize heat loss in winter, especially when large areas of glazing attic, experts advise that during the night to close the window shutters (will save up to 15% of the heat) or a special blackout curtains (savings – 20%).

European Union

Construction – one of the toughest industries in which different technologies constantly replace each other. Nevertheless, it, like any other business, requires the standards, norms and rules which, although they are advisory in nature, but are an integral part of the design and implementation of the direct construction. Based on this need, beginning with the 70-ies of the European Union began to develop the building standards, the so-called eurocodes (EUROCODES), which are recognized throughout the eu member states. To date, developed and published ten Eurocodes: en 1990 eurocode 0, en 1991 eurocode 1, en 1992 eurocode 2, en 1993 eurocode 3, en 1994 eurocode 4, en 1995 eurocode 5, en 1996 eurocode 6, en 1997 eurocode 7, en eurocode August 1998, en 1999 eurocode 9. Each of them includes more Several standards for various construction topics.

One of the largest suppliers of building standards eurocode in Russia and the cis is a company Normdoks. With extensive experience in working with regulatory and technical documentation Normdoks you select the appropriate standard may also offer additional reference books on various subjects (metals, electrical, building materials, etc.), subject collections standards, focused on individual industries, the electronic database of standards, etc. for the Russian construction companies one of the problems in acquiring foreign standards is their right translation Russian language. Any regulatory documents, the more construction – this is primarily a technical text, and therefore the translation of technical, requiring special care and attention. The slightest inaccuracy here unacceptable.

Therefore, when choosing a translation service Eurocodes (EUROCODES) should pay special attention to the experience of the interpreter with these kinds of documents and in particular with the building regulations. Since due to the presence specific language but language skills are needed rather voluminous terminology databases, allowing to keep the unity of terminology throughout the translation process. Also worth take into account the fact that translate standard goes through several levels, most important of which is its final adjustment. Separation process in the direct translation and correction allows the customer to obtain result correctly translated document, the work which will no longer cause any difficulties. Since the company Normdoks has been working with the standards it employs a highly qualified and experienced translators specializing in various areas of activity of enterprises.

Victoria Bekasova

Glazed facade allows maximum use of sunlight, which is especially important in offices of public areas. Special popular in the construction of shopping malls and business centers, today enjoys Roman invention – the atrium, a spacious room, a height of several storeys. It has the upper windows, which architects often seek extra beat in the interior. An example of the original decision is the construction of a shopping mall Ryad (Moscow). It is a dome, the outer arch inscribed with the image map Northern Hemisphere.

The dome makes one revolution per day, and specifies the time in major cities. But according to Victoria Bekasova, consultant for market research company Colliers International, the atrium is more precisely the functional load. Construction and operation of this design greatly increases the cost of the project, so its construction only for aesthetic purposes is not advisable. But the saving of electricity consumption for lighting large areas, hidden atriums, can be quite significant. In order to implement non-standard architectural ideas, is a great design work and towards the development of new variants of fixing the glass. At the moment used frame and a point (Spider-Glass) methods. In the first case, the elements are fixed on the carrier profile design, the second – attachment to the joists is carried out by means of special bolts-ties. However, In addition to mounting technology is constantly being improved and the material itself. Plate Glass has been able to change their characteristics. Despite the airy and unsubstantial "image" in the construction of it should be primarily robust and reliable.