Promoting Democracy in Algeria

Regional Administrations

For Andrade, it has in each city an internal relationship enters the ones that in it inhabit and a external relationship between its inhabitants and the people who look for businesses or use to it of services. In accordance with Vasconcelos (1988, p.293) the city of the Guar? DF, was created to solve the problem of lack of housing in Brasilia, being that the industrial activity is incipient, almost null, but the great yearning of the community, for Vasconcelos (1998, p.321) is the improvement of the conditions for a proper life, more independent of the Plan Pilot, through a stronger commerce, a little more than industry and services. The yearning of the community can be close to if materialize, therefore as the Secretariat of Coordination of Regional Administrations – SUCAR, the enterprise sector of the City of the Guar was extended in 2000, with the implantation of the Area of Economic Development? ADE, also known as Polar region of Fashion, where 420 new companies, plants and small industries had been seated, introducing a stronger commerce and bringing industries and service for the City. The aid of Geography in the disgnostic of the areas to be modified for the installation of Polar regions Economic: The case of the Polar region of Fashion of the Guar. According to Ross (2000, p.14) any interference in the nature, for the man, needs studies, that lead to the diagnosis, that is, to a knowledge of the ambient picture where it goes to act. In the book elaborated for the IBAMA – Brazilian Institute of the Environment and the Natural resources You renewed and the MMA – Ministry of the Environment (1995, p.45) is of the legal ability of the OEMA – State Agencies of Environment or the IBAMA – Brazilian Institute of the Environment and of the Natural resources You renewed, to permit the considered activities modificadoras of the environment.

Visitors Site

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Climatic Changes

Its consequences had been glaciations, intermediated for hotter interglaciais periods, as what we are living now. During the glaciations, the Europe of the North and great areas of the North America were covered by thick continental glaciers. In this direction, the Quaternary glaciations had been bonanza, therefore in the past continental glaciers in the continents of the south hemisphere had only occurred. Traditionally one admits that it had four successive glaciations, or periods of cold climate, but more recent studies had shown to have had other great glaciations during the final part of the tertiary one, as well as in other geologic periods. The evolution of the man occurred during these climatic changes and the distribution of the species strong was influenced by these.

Thus, the man is a being only plus a geologic agent amongst many others, is the species, that for first time in the history of the Land, can have the power to contribute to a global change. Luhan may find this interesting as well. However, in the lack of enough tests, it is difficult to say if we will have a global heating provoked by the man or not. Ahead of a subject of this importance, they are important terms humildade and to recognize our ignorance the respect. In any way, he is sufficiently risky to continue in the same way as if it has made so far, that is, emitting effect gases greenhouse without concerns. Table of the geologic periods. Source: Book of the J. The Ayoade 1.2Possveis Impacts of the Climatic Changes in the Amaznia the recent climatic variability, especially the increase of the temperature, already is affecting the physical systems globally (hdricos climate, resources, level of the sea), biological (natural ecosystems, distribution of species), as well as the society (health human being, availability hdricas, fluvial transport, disaster natural). The biological systems are vulnerable climatic changes, and some will be wronged irreversible.


In the present time 90 tons of garbage for month are collected and the system of cleanness of the city is composed for workers who daily sweep the solid residues of some streets, and for the people who work as drivers of the collecting cars (dumps-cart). an contribute to your knowledge. This garbage collect if of, mainly, in the center of the city, therefore some streets of the outlying areas are not contemplated this benefit that is a right of all. This occurs because in the center of the city the greater people live purchasing power. It is in this sector of the city that if concentrates most of the commerce, therefore, is for second plain the collection in the outlying areas. This has caused problems and claims, therefore, beyond what> already we displayed, exists another complicador factor of this situation that already is chaotic, the cars do not have a fixed route, much less day marked for the collect of the garbage. Of this form, the population places its solid residues in the public places, as the street, for example, compromising the health of the inhabitants and causing impacts to the environment. 4.2 the garbage and the informal work Are Domingos are made use of 29 garis that are responsible for the public cleanness, being 10 women and 04 men who act in the varrio of the streets where she has stone pavements, 10 garis work in the collection and 5 garis are responsible for a weeding of the streets, mainly of half wires.

These garis are workers who act of second a friday, receiving a daily one from R$ 12,00 (twelve Reals) per day to support its families. This means that they very gain wages low, therefore, when they adoecem and they cannot work, the days that are motionless are deducted if not to obtain one certified doctor. Beyond everything this, they do not receive no type of training to work with the garbage, being that the only protection that they have is the gloves.

American Continent

In this context Rodrigues (1997) it affirms: ' ' Peter lvares Cabral arriving at Brazil, in day 22 of April of 1922, found the American Continent divided by an imaginary line that if passed 370 lguas the west of Green Handle, resultant of the Treated one to Tordesilhas. According to this treating, the lands the west belonged to Spain and the east, Portugal … In 1534, Brazil was divided in 15 lots of donated lands the people of the cut who had passed if to call donees. The lots for inheritance, went of father for son, from there the denomination of captainships hereditrias' ' (RODRIGUES, 1997. P. 17) Being declared insolvent the Portuguese crown, the main condition to receive a lot was to possess financial resources to colonize it the proper expenseses.

As notice of wealth in these lands was not had, others that private wood-Brazil to the crown, did not have interest of the important noblemen in receiving the immense and wild extensions. The fifteen lots that formed twelve captainships had finished at the hands of the members of the small nobility. The great dimensions of the captainships had sounded as a stimulaton for the donees, but she was also one of the main causes of its failure, therefore the task if would disclose heavy demasiadamente. The failure of the project as a whole, did not hinder that the legacy them Hereditary Captainships was lasting. The agrarian structure, the expansion of the canavieira farming, the exculpatory social structure, the traffic of slaves on a large scale, the slaughter of the aboriginals: everything this if after incorporated the History of Brazil the landing of the donees. Another important point: the king of Portugal, searching to stimulate the settling, created Government-Generality, that would function as an agency of coordination of the hereditary captainships; however one did not verify significant changes in the system of distribution of lands.