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Fixed Assets

Zharkov Grease Experienced workers know that improper use of grease is the most common cause of accelerated wear of bearings, hinges and joints. Except for rare defects in design, manufacturer equipment is usually not to blame for the breakdowns. The most interesting thing that most failures due to this cause, “programmed” before the equipment starts to really work. Grease – complex mixture, representing the oil (or butter), whose molecules (-s), stick to the finest fibers, which consist of molecules of the thickening agent. Under the influence of heat and over time its properties are subject to change. Leslie Moonves usually is spot on. Grease is not should be kept more than a year and, if possible, should be in closed containers.

She should not be exposed to moisture and heat. Typical symptoms of loss of properties – separation or division of oil and thickener, the appearance of cracked crust on the surface and any other changes in appearance or structure. When the lubricant is stored outdoors in drums, standing on the bottom of the tubes up to them is going to rain water and snow. Even if the tube hermetically sealed, water will eventually, inevitably penetrates into the barrel. Therefore, do not store them in the open air, and if there is no room for storage, barrels must be in the supine position (on side) with a stopper in position number “3” or “9” on the dial clock.

If this is impossible, at least tilt it so that water did not stand around traffic jams. If measures are taken to prevent ingress of moisture and other contaminants in the lubricant (Of course, within the shelf life), it remains only to make sure that equipment smeared often enough. Unfortunately, sometimes employees who perform maintenance, “forget” to lubricate the-way places and it is there in the first faults occur. Pledge of maintenance efficiency when several managers responsible for maintenance of machines in businesses involved in construction in difficult terrain and quarrying, asked what they think is most important for efficient maintenance program, they all answered the same: timely service in full. It’s much more important all the others combined, and, above all, it is important for lubrication. If possible it is recommended to use the programs of preventive TO, monitored computer. Regardless of whether the track periodicity of the computer, or record will be using the old methods, head of maintenance of heavy equipment should monitor the full implementation of programs, since preventive maintenance is cheaper repairs after breakdowns.

The Construction

Therefore, the most common and correct constructive solution to the foundations of the houses should be considered as columnar foundations of precast concrete elements or wooden posts, exposed to the appropriate depth of antiseptic impregnation. Along the perimeter of the building for drainage is necessary to arrange blind area or sidewalks. The wooden elements of buildings, based on the foundation piles and strip footing, it should reliably isolate waterproofing linings from two layers of roofing felt or tar paper .. For better insulation from the inside base to sleep in dry sand or slag. Since the device requires a floor on joists podsypku all underground, which is associated with additional volumes of earthworks, construction and appreciation of the impossible in the winter time, for standard modular homes prefabricated frame and panel construction are arranged insulated (double) floor joists with a device for rolling black. This design makes it possible to arrange the houses buried underground, used for storing potatoes, cabbage and other vegetables. Constructive activities protection from rotting basement with insulated units with cold floors underground should provide maximum ventilation of the underground and reliable thermal insulation of the floor, and steam – and waterproofing of the floor. In the winter time temperature drop in the underground should not be more than (+) 2 – (+) 5 .

To ensure these conditions are at the top of the cap suit openings (produhi) not less than 25 25 cm at a distance of 5 meters from each other around the perimeter of the house, and clean floor is laid over a layer of glassine overlap with careful stitches. The height of the underground must be at least 40 cm Ventilation mezhdupolya done with a gap of 15 mm, arranged between the floor and walls and the closed baseboards or by a device openings placed at the corners of rooms. In all cases, the device node basement exterior sills should be thoroughly cover the roofing iron, securely preventing them from contact of atmospheric moisture. Continuation of site unknown facts about the construction

Construction Equipment

If you look in the BES, we will find is about the definition – "concrete pump, construction machine for pumping concrete to the site of her laying on the Delivery line. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Robert A. Iger by clicking through. By their construction, and B. one-two-cylinder, by the nature of the drive – crank and hydraulic. B. In both types of piston draws in a concrete mix from the hopper pump with closed discharge valve (valve) and open the suction and reverse motion pushes the mixture into the Delivery line. B.

with hydraulically driven, compared with a crank, are long stroke in the working cylinder and a constant piston speed, which ensures uniform movement of concrete mix, reduced resistance to motion in a mixture of Delivery line and motor power. Produced in the USSR BA capacity of 5, 10 and 40 m3 / h, feeding the concrete mix vertically to 40 m horizontally and up to 300 m. The equipment includes B. Delivery line of individual tubes with quick couplings. "largest concrete pump in the world did the German company Putzmeister. It was a giant pyatisektsionny 63Z Ktorov mounted on the chassis of the Canadian firm and TOR can submit a solution to the height of 63 m.

A specially designed vehicle with wheel 14h6 refers to the range of 8 to SUPER Class American classification of trucks. The first four are supporting the bridge, the last three – the driving. Chassis length – 16.32 m. The distance between the axles – 2032 mm. Massa special vehicles – 50 m. All the wheels "shod" in the usual rubber. It is worth adding that concrete 63Z also can be mounted on a 7-axle chassis MASK series MR. The most common are fixed pumps are designed to receive a freshly prepared concrete mix of specialized tools and betonotransportnyh filing of its horizontal and vertical directions to the place of installation in the construction of buildings and sooruzheniyiz monolithic concrete and reinforced concrete. Features: hydraulic accumulators completed import, compact design allows for easy movement of concrete pump on, the construction site, hinged lid gives easy access to all of the concrete pump for maintenance and repair of concrete pumps work by the Office of the stationary control unit by one operator. Operated in a temperate climate with temperatures ranging from -50 C to 400 C.

International Financial Leasing

The difficult economic situation in the country, the most acutely affected by domestic engineering. Increasingly difficult to 'survive' machine-building enterprises. No need to explain the reasons what is happening, for scientists, practitioners, managers are clear enough. More information is housed here: Robert A. Iger . With countless national resources and huge financial resources, strangely, dramatically increasing investment failure, and more clearly seen negative developments in the industry: the drop in production and sales of machinery and technical products (including products and construction and road engineering), the reduction or even lack of funds for investment and working capital funds: the lack of competitiveness of products and services. In other words, the country's capital resources and virtually no work on economic growth. Of course, the final estimates do not rush, but probably in the form in which market reforms were initiated in industry and continues now, they exhausted themselves. The crisis in the engineering complex makes it necessary to look for different, even the most unconventional, solutions to neutralize and mitigate. One of the concrete and effective ways of 'survival' enterprises of construction and traffic engineering is distribution of lease (rent) in the production and operation of road construction equipment.

Services construction equipment – truck – are available in "The Golden Age." In practice, the functioning of the domestic Economy lease (rent) as a flexible credit instrument analog does not. Abroad, the machine-technical lease (rent) is widely spread, has turned into a mutually beneficial system of business operations received a legal registration in the form of the "Convention on International Financial Leasing)" (Ottawa, 5/28/88, the). It should be noted the increasing extension of the lease (rent) and in our country. Its theoretical foundations laid down in several monographs domestic experts. Unfortunately, the machine-technical lease (rent), which has a certain specificity in the business of mechanical engineering, while experiencing an information vacuum and illuminated by a single book on leasing in the machine tool industry. The word "lease" is derived from the British lease – lease. The use of this term in relation to domestic emerging market predetermined relationship need to allocate a new type of lease – finance lease (financial lease). Machine Engineering lease (rent) is based on common principles for all business rentals (Art. 607, 625 Civil Code), according to which the user fee for non-consumable property is available, do not lose their properties during use. Machinery and technical products, including construction machinery and equipment for during the life cycle of the design concept stores and properties, changes (decreases) only its share.