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Wear Points

Perforated score simulators, or perforated glasses are sunglasses with opaque plastic inserts instead of lenses having a large number of small holes. The diameter and location of the holes is chosen in After lengthy experimentation, and provide the maximal benefit. Therapeutic effect of the application points of simulators is that their eyes are forced to use a reflex tuned the transition of focus from one hole to another, that without your coaching eye muscles, which provide the correct operation of the eye. With regular use of perforated score-simulator 15 – 30 minutes a day, as well as perform some simple exercises for the eyes, help to strengthen your eye muscles, improve your eyesight and keep it off. Points Fitness is also an indispensable tool for relaxation and eye fatigue and stress at the end working day. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City takes a slightly different approach.

Naturally, we are not saying that these glasses simulators are a panacea for all ills of your, but thousands of people they really helped. Try it! Firms chsto data points are ordered in bulk – this is a great option relaxation in the recess obedzhennom, especially coupled with health benefits. Check your eyes Pin control card to control the view, placed on the reverse side of these instructions on the wall at distance of 3.5 meters. Remove your glasses and look at the map. Note how a string of letters you see clearly. Remember her number (on the right is from the line). Assessing the impact points of simulators Wear goggles for eye simulators.

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