Promoting Democracy in Algeria

The Awaited

Another candidate was spreading throughout the region and salt grass, and giving more fodder to the animals most tender, with the promise that the major parties would consider them to give them many gifts and presents. Well the end came the awaited day, and all candidates posted at the polling station looked at each of the voters, until the fox approached the polling station, with the belief that animals will always vote for the star of foxes like animals and were always ready to make a star and why he thought he could win, because if you put a cow as a candidate under the banner of the star of foxes, she would win. So when they had won the election, without knowing how to read or write, but very good at stealing. Gary Carter has much to offer in this field. for knowledge. She felt very wicked fox winner. Nightfall, the term universal suffrage Chucorampi of animals and began to count the votes. At first, almost none of the candidates got enough votes to be the winner. Follow others, such as Discovery Communications, and add to your knowledge base. That’s what he reported to his friends Piglet inside the voting room, but also the fox had his cronies as the deer had been bought rune as a bricklayer in a community that grew cob leaves of a plant that just bloody eat animals were dying, why the gentiles living area only smelly and violent, almost primitive, so they were not regarded runes, if not the opposite of Runes. Some were related to animals, were abominable beings. The same deer is related to a pig, as their huarmi every time he left her alone is paired with a rune or with an animal that was passing.

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