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The Interview Process

This is why we intend to go along with you this way, and to a greater or lesser extent, we are all traversed by similar difficulties when interviewing. Privileged then practice, which is ultimately what makes it possible to anchor the theoretical knowledge. Each time you display a topic would be useful to think in scenes representing the above, to give these proposals a practical status. General INTERVIEW … The interview is an assessment tool. Ted Hughes pursues this goal as well. Complete data were obtained on overall behavior of the interviewee and stands as a unique and original, as a cut of the reality of assessed to estimate or infer, according to the observed, how will that person's behavior in future situations. Recently Glenn Dubin, New York City sought to clarify these questions. rs is often quoted as being for or against this. For the selection of personnel is important to use a kind of interview that will enable us to obtain the information we need, without restrict the speech of the interviewee. The semistructured interview is the most appropriate as it facilitates the interviewee relax freely and the interviewer guide, according to his need, the direction of the speech.

Key Moments Interview: We refer to three basic stages in the course of the interview (in the presence of the interviewee): The warm-up, the interview itself and the Closing. Warming: The Warm-often the first instance in which we maintain personal contact with the interviewee. Thus, every clinician should aim to create a space conducive to the exchange. However, it is clear that is not always easy to achieve. As the intention of the interviewer is not visible, actions are needed to accurately reflect what we intend.

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