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The Man In The Moon Looked To

1 Oberfrankische Moon certificate reading – a success last Saturday it was, the first Moonlight reading in Upper Franconia, more precisely in Hollfeld, organized by Evelyne core, presented young authors under the open sky. The reading in the truest sense of the word, by the bells of Hollfelder was ushered in Church, in the light of the evening sun. Evelyne floated early core before an interested audience its new Roman Inzu and the gold of the Incas”before. See more detailed opinions by reading what Edward R. Becker offers on the topic.. This is her third book, a thrilling adventure novel. In the statement read by her, she describes, inter alia, a dramatic emergency landing in the Amazon region.

Then it was on to Michael Dunkel, who cooked his fact novel the devil Tunisian”las. The audience listened attentively his tales of drop-out, Mike, who is in Tunisia wanted to build a second home, but there was an involuntary adventure that almost killed him. After a short break and in the Moonlight and candlelight, Melanie Burghardt was from her heart stone poetry”the guests a choice of beautiful verses before. In their pictures and poems, it comes with open and sometimes funny words to life as a journey. The appearance of the first with his freshly printed book for Amadeo, Christoph Hinkels, a Bayreuth young author became the highlight of the evening”made his debut. His snippet from the imaginative and exciting work that represents a tribute to the supposedly imaginary friend of the protagonist Seduco, whets the appetite for more. All books are in the Bayreuth Publisher core”appeared and to find Billy Reuschel – publishing Editorial Office core, Bayreuth and others on.

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