Promoting Democracy in Algeria

The Organs

an example of such a case are the special purpose companies regulated by the law on securities market laying in his Art. 327 govern the following rules for the incorporation of companies of special purpose: to) plurality of shareholders () is not enforceable for its Constitution. V. SOCIAL Pact.-Act by which two or more natural persons or legal (partners) agree to establish a society and a series of provisions about the same. It can be verbal or written.

CONTENIDO.-a) identification data of the founders b) express manifestation of the will of the shareholders constitute it. (c) appointment and identification data of the first administrators. Leslie Moonves can provide more clarity in the matter. (d) social statute can exist in society without prior express manifestation of the will of the shareholders constitute it, but not without social pact. VI. SOCIAL object (ART. 11 LGS).-same reason why the society is constituted and this referred to what is dedicated society, i.e. the way as participates in the market. VII.

SOCIAL status.-document containing the rules which govern society and is included in the articles of incorporation. CONTENIDO.-to) the company’s name. (b) a description of the social object. (c) address of the society. (d) term of duration and date of commencement of activities. (e) amount of capital, number of shares into which it is divided, the nominal value of each of them and the amount paid for each subscribed share. (f) where appropriate, the class of shares that divides the capital. (g) the regime of the organs of society. (h) requirements for increased, capital reductions and modification of the social pact or the Statute. (i) the form and opportunity in which social management and the outcome of each exercise should undergo the approval of the shareholders. (j) rules for the distribution of the profits. (k) rules for the dissolution and liquidation of the company. VIII. REQUIREMENTS AND PROCEDURES FOR THE LEGAL CONSTITUTION AND STATUS legal of society-A) meeting the partners-to choose the corporate figure according to general company law (anonymous, collective society, limited partnerships, limited liability commercial and civil).

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