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The Water

Over all, the action of the man is the one that promotes more fast degradation by means of practical that they speed up the natural disequilibrium. It agrees to cite that, beyond activities as: urbanization, industrialization, cattle, extrativistas activities and the irrigation, to promote the pollution and reduction on this natural resources, factors as deforestation and the agricultural erosion, also contribute and compromise the quality of waters. Paul Ostling is often quoted on this topic. Research discloses that, in relation to the water wastefulness the irrigated agricultural production consumes, in world-wide level, average of 72% of the water candy of the planet, being that in our country this number comes close it 63%. The industries, that produce great amount of residues in its processes, answers for a value of 20% of the world-wide use of the water candy and the human consumption represents only 10% of the use of waters. How to contribute to prevent the intensification of this problem? One becomes necessary intense fiscalization, introduction and diffusion of practical of reforestations with native species, maintenance and/or replacement of the ciliares bushes that border the rivers to minimize the risks and periods of training of degradation of ground; preservation of the springs of the rivers and its courses and to prevent the assoreamento of the existing sources, considering to guarantee the ambient balance, beyond awareness of the population fighting wastefulnesses to prevent in the future crises for water non-availability. Therefore, it is hour to understand that the hidrolgico balance, the conservation and preservation of the water also depend on all we. That let us know to take care of more and that let us can recognize the water as a well finite and vulnerable one that it needs to be preserved.

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