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Saving Energeticoel energy saving is one of the strong points in the homes of Casa Nova 2030 Amurrio. They have a class B Rating, representing a 55% savings on household energy bill. For moderate use and spending involving HVAC systems are placed a few heat insulations that widely exceed the parameters required by the technical building code. If you would like to know more then you should visit CBS. InnovadorLa promotion of Amurrio style has been treated as a whole aesthetically antagonistic to the rest of the buildings of its surroundings, where prevailing type neo-caserio designs. Despite this, the homes of Casa Nova 3020 nor show its construction at a glance system since the exteriors are resolved through a facade ventilated concrete slabs of polymer and acrylic plaster. These and other elements feed the differential, current and contemporary style that has been devised by a Studio expert on structural work with wood.Identical Garantiascomo in any other building these houses have been made from a study project of architecture, which has been endorsed by your professional association and for which has had to apply for building permit to the corresponding Town Hall. To treat a property with Foundation of reinforced concrete and settled permanently in the ground, you can be mortgaged and to sign insurance without major problems than any other dwelling.The houses with wooden structure, as with concrete, are regulated by the law of management of construction (LOE) and by the technical building code (CTE). The first provides 10 years warranty on vices or defects affecting the safety of the structure, while the second requires that the structural elements are calculated for a minimum use of 50 years. CASA NOVA 3020Gobela, AC 18, 2nd floor. Office 648930 Getxo, VizcayT. 944 804 original author and source of the article.

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