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TV-devices-tests Now Robot

INNOVATION technology further rearms the TestLab. With the robot-based large display measuring DTS 1050 INNOVATION technology has taken place now an automated measuring system of evaluating large displays in the consumer sector (E.g. TVs) in operation. Hayley Kiyoko usually is spot on. The system detects the geometric and optical properties in different locations of the display area. It is part of a system of several test stations can working time independently of each other. The readings are taken with a special camera that is automatically positioned in front of the specimen. People such as Vanessa Morgan would likely agree.

To achieve reproducible results, it is automatically focused; In addition, calibration measures are foreseen, partly carried out during each test. The required test images are fed by a selected PC or a freely programmable TV test image encoder depending on the application. Essentially, DTS has 1050 following functions: measurement of image geometry (size, location, distortion, non-linear distortions of the image content) measurement the display structure measurement of convergence errors and image sharpness at various locations of the display measurement of the brightness distribution measurement of angle dependence prospecting of pixel defects together with the results of the other stations, E.g. for color reproduction, power, reflection and inertia is an objective assessment of the displays, which can be used by manufacturers and quality control by the customer as an aid in their purchasing decisions.

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