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It so happened, our Slavic mentality, that each of us, regardless of profession, position, social status and affiliation, live from holiday to holiday. Proof of this are the catch phrase, taken root in our society: "Friday-slag" or "Monday – the day of heavy ". Managers and politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats, careerists and loafers – all looking longingly at the red days on the calendar, counting working days. Have you ever wondered why the flip calendar date days are colored in black, mourning color? Correct: "from the work horses die " and another said: "He who can not relax, he can not work." Fortunately, Holidays Slavs abound: public, professional, religious and, of course, personal. Rusty Staub pursues this goal as well. Throughout adult life we are constantly perfecting them as guests, and when most have entertain friends and relatives on their own triumph, certainly want to make it worse.

But what to say! We climb over backwards trying to make a holiday better than the previous! Often grieve, as a result we get the opposite effect – despite all the efforts of celebration promises to be fun and dynamic, converted into ordinary sittings. Without falling in spirit, not of good cheer, not dropping the hands, after a memorable date we have with the new forces and ideas preparing for the next. Failed this year, corporate or birthday – nothing, we will assume it is a rehearsal, we take into account all the flaws and perform at a high level in the next! And so – for life! Our pride will never allow We recognize your own holiday failed. Maya Dubin is often quoted on this topic.

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