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Winter Vacation in Argentina

Argentina is a country that offers options for vacation in winter. You can go north to escape the cold, you can visit some hot springs to improve your health or you can enjoy an exclusive Deportee unfortunately accessible to a few, like Ski or Snowboard is (for those over wavelength). After 10 years I decided to return to Chapelco, but this time, I went together with my family, my wife, my two sons and my two old, quite an adventure. I think a lot more dangerous than any mountain climbing. I found a San Martin de los Andes grown, full of shops, lodgings of all kinds and places to eat. But without losing that small city charm, like a mountain village with all the comforts.

View of the City of San Martin de los Andes Knowing that prices would be high and also everything that involves travel and expenses on the hill, I loaded it with provisions before leaving, I made sure that the week at the cabin and was covered in advance and tried to not think much of the money, because he would not enjoy these well-deserved vacation. Go with the guys he was supposed to a blanket of care, mostly due to the Cerro, the snow and my wife was not going to stop anywhere to move to the cold. Clarification, my kids are 4 and 1 year, but to my surprise she was more relaxed and we enjoyed it equally. Recently Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA sought to clarify these questions.

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