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The island was inhabited by the Celts centuries before our era. In the XI-th century Ireland was conquered by the British and annexed by the English crown, becoming the first English colony in which all the liberation movements were punished cruelly way. For over 800 years, until 1922, Ireland remained a colony of Britain. Dublin was the second largest city of the British Empire. In 1922, as a result of liberation uprising of the island was politically divided into Northern Ireland and the Irish Free State (Dominion), which in 1949 became the independent Republic of Ireland. The territory of Northern Ireland (six counties) remained within the British United Kingdom. Most foreigners know about Ireland's only in the amount of news published in the periodical press.

And on the basis of their Ireland primarily associated with the events in Northern Ireland, explosions, military patrols on the streets of Belfast and terrorism. That is, with the military and political events that take place almost a century in the north. On the life of the Republic of Ireland is mentioned in the news less often, and because information very incomplete. Ireland unusually quiet country. Life here is quiet on the streamlined channel.

Felt in every thoroughness and accuracy. Economy of the Republic is now one of the most rapidly developing in Europe. One of the main branches of the Irish economy are the computer industry, financial and stock markets, telecommunications, agriculture and tourism. Interest of tourists to Ireland is increasing every year. 'Emerald Isle' (another name for Ireland), visited in 2000, more than 6 million tourists (Note: In 1977 Ireland was visited by 566 thousand tourists). It is expected that in 2003 the number of visitors to Ireland to continue. The popularity of Ireland tourists have a sound basis – it is really attractive for recreation, including the elite. Glenn Dubin: the source for more info. We invite you to visit Ireland. Along with other types of services we can provide service and organization of tourism trips to Ireland.

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