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How To Teach Children To Draw ?

Draw a pattern in terms of the forms of flora from the sample (pencil, watercolor or gouache). In fulfilling this task, first graders learn to work consistently over a decorative pattern in the circle, get acquainted with notions of "symmetry" and "rhythm"; learn the rules of gouache paints. Teacher tells kids free lesson time job (2 classes), the material in which the job is executed. Patterns, ornaments in terms of children not seen in decoration of dishes – saucers, trays, ceilings. If you are not convinced, visit James H. Billington. Pupils demonstrated a sample – the table with a pattern in a circle.

Essential to the success of children perform a decorative pattern in the disk is used in the process of drawing a line of symmetry and rhythm. Teacher with the help of products of applied art, tables, explains to children what is meant by the term "symmetry" and "rhythm", reveals the need for a line of symmetry and rhythm in decorative figures. Gradually, first graders begin to learn that the symmetry – is proportionate, full compliance (by location, size) of one half of a whole other half. Rhythm – even alternation What some elements in the decorative figure in works of art. Then the students for 5-6 minutes the exercise: a piece of paper to quickly hand-carry a few laps, one lap in the other. For more specific information, check out Eva Andersson-Dubin.

Start with a big circle, inside which are all the others. This exercise develops the hands of schoolchildren, their ability to build without the prior conduct of the circle. After the exercises the teacher on the blackboard shows the phased implementation of a linear pattern of the pattern. By asking students, a number of questions to ascertain their understanding of the sequence of the linear pattern of the pattern in the disk and showing the table, the teacher allows children to start drawing. The first phase of work again displayed on the board. Draw a pattern starts with a sheet of paper in the middle of vertical and horizontal lines. crossing lines (center circle) are laid equal segments. . Then stored in the segments in half of the first and a second circle. Further elements of the pattern drawn. At the end of lesson all construction lines are erased, and thus drawing prepared for further work on it paints. At the beginning of the second lesson the teacher asks students to carefully look at the sample and its image, compared them and correct errors in the figure. Then the teacher shows in detail techniques for working students Gouache paints – how to breed the paint, how to mix paint, how to paint large and small sections of forms. Pupils practice in the implementation of separate colors at once the simplest elements of the pattern – the line stroke, a point. For this exercise have 5 minutes, after which students work on completing their drawings colors. Following the teacher kids consistently paint the picture of the pattern (drawing a sample – it does not srisovyvanie sample, and sequential and simultaneous drawing teachers and students).

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