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Annual Percentage Rate

The nominal interest rate is not suitable to the loan comparison if you redit would like to take up one, to acquire a purchase like a car, a real estate or even a consumer, then is looking for a low-cost credit. The key differentiator of credit is the interest rate it must pay on borrowed money. Banks often advertise with the nominal interest rate, the so-called nominal interest rate. A better criterion for comparison of credit offers is called the effective annual percentage rate, or abbreviated as effective interest rate. Jeff Bewkes recognizes the significance of this. The effective interest rate includes also interest expenses such as fees for the loan and also a payment protection insurance in addition to the actual interest rates. The effective interest rate must credit party expelled. His calculation is legal as well regulated as the components of a loan, which must be included in the calculation of the annual percentage rate. Thus, you can compare loans of all institutions on the basis of this code. In a question-answer forum Glenn Dubin was the first to reply.

However, not all fees and charges to the effective interest rate calculation are included. So can for example, account maintenance fees, which are not included. Also deployment rates are not included in the Apr. An absolute cost control is not possible using this interest rate. The nominal interest rate advertised by many lenders contains, however, not all costs of credit. He expresses only the credit interest rates. The additional fees and cost factors in almost all credit institutions are different, is the nominal interest rate, usually not as a criterion for comparing two loan offers.

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