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Assistant Communications Manager

Originally they had German emigrants as a target group had in mind and, trained Chinese went abroad and ultimately the local population. “So we apply our sausages, about every five to six weeks in the SOGO department stores and sell over 1,000 packages per week.” COBA foods Hong Kong supplying luxury hotels, small restaurant and bars with a dozen products. Since May of this year, the company delivers beer from Germany in aluminum containers. Replace the usual barrels, which occupy much space in the transport containers and high storage costs. The beer marketed under the brand name Lu2nd is brewed in Bavaria and only at the neck with carbon dioxide. It is valued for its fresh taste and long durability. We have already introduced this beer in Egypt and South Africa, and now bring it to Hong Kong bars.

Soon it will be served at a beer festival in Macau”, slim is pleased. Known as the German national drink beer enjoys great popularity in Hong Kong. This shows the increasing number of October festivals, which take place this time of year in the city. Is one of the leading organizers of the Hong Kong Jockey Club. The first Oktoberfest of the Club at the Happy Valley Racecourse in 2010 attracted almost 55,000 visitors, last year there were 67.000.

no matter what night to visit the Oktoberfest, the House is full and hardly through the crowd”, Kurt Schwartz, head describes the lively bustle of hospitality services. The operations are the symbol of our events with their mugs. German food, pork and sausages, completes the celebration.” The Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui was among the first in Hong Kong, who organized a “Beer Festival”. in 1992, the German concept was still a rarity, which arrived from the outset very well. The Festival, which takes place this year in the period from 25 October to 16 November, attracted 58,000 visitors last year, a total consumed 77,000 liters of beer. Our Festival has undergone a change”, Denise explains Assistant Communications Manager Ho in the Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel. People come not only to drinking beer, but also because of the food and the festive atmosphere. The large crowd shows the interest of German dining and drinking culture.

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