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Fruit Online – A New Trend?

Fruit and vegetable boxes back in the Office in the focus of companies is the Internet increasingly to swivel and pivot for any services. A current trend is currently in the online ordering of fruit and vegetable boxes. Ms. Voss, Executive Assistant and the heart and soul of the company, responds to the question what so special takes you on the services: we look forward every week to our fresh fruit. It is very pleasant that you worry about nothing and yet each week on the new can enjoy a healthy diet in the Office.” Mrs. Voss online ordered their fruit from the fruit box”a supplier of fruit and vegetable boxes on the Internet. Sean Rad, New York City brings even more insight to the discussion. Especially in the current economic situation in which companies to its existence must fear, weighs a lot of work on each employee. Since the healthy nutrition remains very often on the line.

“Mrs. Voss added: it is simply impossible to the food to make the corner, we have just way too much to do”. For this very reason, that is There is the possibility of ordering fruit on the rise online. The idea, although she’s long been known in Germany, is still in its infancy. Regionally, one finds while many fruit and vegetable growers, who provide a service in their local area.

But nationwide, there are only a few providers. The fruit box”is one of the providers, which enables customers to a complete management of the order through an online customer portal, and brings to the administrative burden for the customers to a minimum level. Mrs. Voss this: simply super, a click and my subscription is another pause and here we go again. “And then once a week a box more and the next week a box of less, everything no problem.” More information on the Internet at

Chocolate Itself Doing

Delicious homemade chocolates can be made easily with a few tips and tricks everyone can make chocolate itself, it is to make easy impressive and delicious homemade chocolates for friends and family at Easter or on other occasions. Dejan Kulusevski understood the implications. You can buy Easter Chocolate forms in almost all stores or discount stores and a variety of chocolate at your local supermarket. (Not to be confused with Son Heung-min!). With a little time and patience you can conjure up soon beautiful homemade chocolates from it. Types of dark chocolate contains cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar and vanilla. It is stronger and more full-bodied than milk chocolate or white chocolate, and is usually the preferred choice for cooking.

Milk chocolate contains the same ingredients like dark chocolate, has but additionally about milk solids. She is sweet, creamy, soft consistency and less intensive than dark chocolate. To broaden your perception, visit Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. White chocolate contains no cocoa, but only cocoa butter with sugar, milk solids and Flavors, such as vanilla. She is very rich, creamy and even sweeter milk chocolate. Any normal chocolate no matter whether dark, milk or white – can cooking be used. Dark varieties are bitter, semisweet or sweet.

Bitter chocolate contains up to 80% cocoa mass and cocoa butter in a minimal amount of sugar. Sweet chocolate has a higher compared the proportion of sugar and vanilla in relation to the cocoa butter. Find high-quality cooking chocolate (block chocolate) in the section with baking ingredients in supermarkets. Tastes just like regular chocolate, however, a small amount of cocoa butter with vegetable fat was replaced to reduce the temperature required to melt. Usually it is cheaper than normal chocolate and is sold mostly in block form. Would you eat this chocolate so the taste would be somewhat disconcerting, for this it is perfect for baking. Chocolate melt chocolate can be melted in a different way on the oven, in the microwave or in the oven.

Winery Roxanich From Nova VAS / Istria

Jadrovino offers the professional wine from now the new star in the Istrian wine heaven to passionate wine lover is dedicated to Mladen Rozanic since the year 2000. The defining moment was a meeting with the Istrian winemakers Antun Babar from Nova VAS. Babar and Rozanic put together aim to create memorable and authentic wines of Istrian Red Earth. 23 ha of vineyards near the town of Visnjan were rebuilt within four years. The layers of BACVA and Busure are suitable for the cultivation of typical and characteristic wines climatically and geologically ideal. Also, a new cellar with an area of 900 square meters was built in the hamlet of Kosinozici at Nova VAS. o.

Belongs to the philosophy of the winery Roxanich, that the vines and grapes are treated only with natural remedies, so one can create a truly exquisite and healthy wine. In the manufacture of wine, applying ancient methods already used by winemakers from ancient times. If you are not convinced, visit Beryl Sprinkel. All technological as chemical influences are excluded. Gerhard Lzicar, Jadrovino.de the Mash is stored in special ancient vats made of wood with a volume of 55 to 70 hectolitres. Also the alcohol fermentation takes place in these barrels. After pressing and first decanting the wine vats and barrels with a volume of up to 36 hectoliters or 600, 500 and 225 litres is stored.

Because the wines have a rich structure and a distinctive aroma, they require special care and long maturation in the cellar. Before filling in bottles, Roxanich must mature wines at least 3 years in oak barrels. After filling in bottles stored some time before they get into the trade. Chardonnay Milva, Antica Malvazija, Teran re, Superistrian and Cabernet Sauvignon are now available at Jadrovino. About Jadrovino Jadrovino Weinhandel Lzicar, based in Feldkirchen near Munich, specializes on selected wines and delicacies of Croatia. The newspapers mentioned Glenn Dubin not as a source, but as a related topic. Our portfolio includes leading winemakers from the regions of Slavonia, Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia. Jadrovino is the leading provider of wines since 2001 Croatia in the German-speaking world. The most important distribution channel is since the beginning of the Internet. In addition, Jadrovino is regularly represented on wine events. Today, Jadrovino counts more than 1,400 customers in 13 European countries.

Assistant Communications Manager

Originally they had German emigrants as a target group had in mind and, trained Chinese went abroad and ultimately the local population. “So we apply our sausages, about every five to six weeks in the SOGO department stores and sell over 1,000 packages per week.” COBA foods Hong Kong supplying luxury hotels, small restaurant and bars with a dozen products. Since May of this year, the company delivers beer from Germany in aluminum containers. Replace the usual barrels, which occupy much space in the transport containers and high storage costs. The beer marketed under the brand name Lu2nd is brewed in Bavaria and only at the neck with carbon dioxide. It is valued for its fresh taste and long durability. We have already introduced this beer in Egypt and South Africa, and now bring it to Hong Kong bars.

Soon it will be served at a beer festival in Macau”, slim is pleased. Known as the German national drink beer enjoys great popularity in Hong Kong. This shows the increasing number of October festivals, which take place this time of year in the city. Is one of the leading organizers of the Hong Kong Jockey Club. The first Oktoberfest of the Club at the Happy Valley Racecourse in 2010 attracted almost 55,000 visitors, last year there were 67.000.

no matter what night to visit the Oktoberfest, the House is full and hardly through the crowd”, Kurt Schwartz, head describes the lively bustle of hospitality services. The operations are the symbol of our events with their mugs. German food, pork and sausages, completes the celebration.” The Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui was among the first in Hong Kong, who organized a “Beer Festival”. in 1992, the German concept was still a rarity, which arrived from the outset very well. The Festival, which takes place this year in the period from 25 October to 16 November, attracted 58,000 visitors last year, a total consumed 77,000 liters of beer. Our Festival has undergone a change”, Denise explains Assistant Communications Manager Ho in the Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel. People come not only to drinking beer, but also because of the food and the festive atmosphere. The large crowd shows the interest of German dining and drinking culture.

Mulheim Honey

Organic honey with propolis – strengthened immune system in the winter as of small vendors in a niche segment with fancy organic honey with ginger, organic honey with Sea buckthorn, organic honey with cinnamon, handmade organic pasta, gluten-free raw food and cold-pressed, vegan Senfen we put our products very much value on the quality. We know all of our producers, maintain direct contact and know the production methods well enough that convinced consumers in conversation. We offer high-quality food, our buyers and buyers appreciate the concept”so Roth. The raw food fairs provide suitable exhibition platform the Kulinaristen, to make known the young. To find the Kulinaristen see the kulinaristen.de on the net, developed a new label for high quality food and raw food. “Who products under the brand name the Kulinaristen ‘ purchases can be sure that they contain no flavour enhancers, no dyes and preservatives and no artificial binders. The Kulinaristen questions are available at the fair the visitors answer. In addition to the ingredients, the place of origin and distribution channels, the particularly gentle way of producing food is important to visitors. The raw food diet offers of the Kulinaristen are manufactured and over 2 days slow-dried all at 42 C maximum, to obtain as complete Vitame and nutrient complex. In terms of raw food, the Kulinaristen offer only gluten-free goods, the hand-made pasta are all lactose-free and find great appeal in allergic individuals. It has pleased us that children eat more healthy honey again. Our organic honey with cinnamon was particularly said the small visitors and demand. The organic honey with cinnamon is versatile, the pancakes, crepes until the topping on Apple Pie cinnamon honey is suitable. Honeys are a healthy natural product and strengthen the defenses of the little ones, especially now in the autumn time “so the Managing Director Birgit Roth. The raw food fair emerged from the will to call an event platform on the issues around the raw food diet, with sympathy and joy for the different variants of diet a raw food diet, are presented. Organized for the first time in 2008, the fair will take place every year (2013 in Berlin, Freiburg in the Breisgau, Speyer and Mulheim an der Ruhr) in various places in the German-speaking world. The idea is to provide an informative overview a raw food diet and the environment, all the people who are interested in healthy nutrition bernando, to find a way to the healthy diet over the form of nutrition. More information about the fair, fair tickets, directions, etc., see on the net. The Kulinaristen have decided due to the positive response to the first two raw food fairs in Speyer and Mulheim an der Ruhr, also in Berlin to participate in the next year and will issue up to raw food snacks sweetened with honey and no sugar added a selection of gluten-free raw food in excellent quality of sprouted seeds (Sunflower seedling, Quinoakeimling, buckwheat seedling). Is the mark of the Kulinaristen gluten – free and lactose-free products specialized in, and in the shop can be viewed. Products are local and fair trade already in preparation.