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Elegant Catalogue Design

Graphic designer from Cologne of the Cologne-based graphic designer Ralph designed new catalog for the KERAMION in Frechen frien has a current exhibition at the KERAMION Museum for historical + modern ceramic in Frechen, near Cologne, the exhibition catalogue designed and realized. The exhibition of Japanese ceramics from the Momoyama period is included in the programme of events for 150 years of friendship Germany Japan, which is celebrated with many events across the country this year. The design of the catalogue which is 152 pages with 275 illustrations includes modern and stimulates by its homogeneous Gestatung with the love for details, to the leaves in it. Layout of photo pages is versatile and exciting, which the depicted objects in their individual character perfectly in scene. The text contributions to the theme of the exhibition are written in German and English language two columns side by side. The designer chose the typography the Titillium font, in two years of work at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Urbino was developed by students and is offered free of charge. The exhibition in the KERAMION in Frechen near Cologne is to see where the featured catalogue can be purchased up to 08/2011. Momoyama ceramics and their influence on the present, Hrsg. bound by the KERAMION perky, 152 S., 275 illustrations, hard cover, Wxh 23 x 30,? cm, design/design: Ralph Frien

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