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Portugal Form

A history does not contact of this destemido people makes with that until our days it believes that was colonized. The indians, that is, the existing natives in its villages, form of all the ways pursued for the Portuguese, later form massacreed by the bandeirantes, had been also aldeados by the Jesuits. Finally former form pulses of its lands. But they had always been in an attitude of not contribution with the colonizador. Today they are almost extinct in the Piaui, as villages, but the remainders are gifts in its new organizations and way of living, discovered of new, but with another differential, is not firearms that go to kill them, goes to be died for the power of the capital and other existing ways in the current social conjuncture and politics. Leslie Moonves insists that this is the case. In the Piaui in all its history the native was present, either hiding of the colonizador, either running away from the forced work. Until today many it has shame and to assume its identity, some had as well as been for Pernambuco or the Maranho not to die for the sword of el killer. Frequently rusty holzer has said that publicly. That of infuriated form it killed the natives and natives with hatred, beyond playing the children top and to aparar with the tip of the sword.

It was a true carnage. Without indemnity on the part of Portugal. Many chapels spread for the State portray the marks of the natives, therefore it was the place of shelter of the chibata and the threats of the colonizador, therefore the native one was seen with sluggish and it did not want to work to support the capital of the great farmers. History contacts from the allies of the colonizador, it does not show the fight of the warlike natives who had resisted the blood and fire, against who only wanted to explore and to kill.

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