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Conservation Biology

Rheinbacher publishing presents its Moon Mountains calendar 2012 with fantastic photos and in beautiful presentation impressed the new lunar mountains conservation calendar 2012. The Tip 4 GmbH advertising agency and Publisher in Rheinbach near Bonn (www.tipp4.de) and the company of printing partner Druck – und medienhaus GmbH from Essen (www.druck-partner.de) produce for the first time in the context of the nature and endangered species media project Moon Mountains”(www.mondberge.com) a unique and impressive calendar. The well known actor and documentary film-maker has taken over the patronage for the wall calendar Hannes Jaenicke. On September 1, 2011, this wall calendar appears conservation under the title 2012 “in large size 68 x 71 cm (W x H). The impressive pictures are from nine renowned nature photographers who have photographed endangered species from around the world on beautiful photos. In addition to known species such as the mountain gorilla, Tigers, polar bear, great white shark, orang utan, Cheetah and right whale are also lesser known as Moor frog, Spix’s macaw, Panther Chameleon, OWL and rare Butterflies to see. To support the conservation project the photo professionals have provided free all images. Striking and striking feature of this unique calendar is a novel, innovative, and reusable bracket and binding made of wood.

Four twisted Birch rods are mounted to a Birch wood plate, where the calendar leaves hanging. The month leaves can turn, are both taken easily at any time. Sustainability and ecological production are ensured by the bluegreenprint label printing partner. The calendar comes with a storage solution for the most beautiful calendar leaves in a sturdy shipping box. Each month consists of two sheets of calendar. The upper, something smaller, shows the real motive usually a big photo, sometimes more. On the lower sheet is an informative text about the endangered species with a map of the area of distribution, a making-of-story except the calendar of Photos and a Vita of the photographer, everything in two languages (german and English).

Insurance for Horses

There are many more horse insurance, as adopted. Especially with the purchase of expensive horses, come maybe more insurance companies in question. By default, each horse owners knows the horse liability insurance, which is only one of many horse insurance. The horse liability is available in almost every insurance, however, differs in terms of the contribution and the additional services. (As opposed to CBS). A convenient and comprehensive horse liability costs only about 40-90 euros. “For horses there are however far more insurance than you thought, offered mostly only by insurance companies, which is the risk of animals” have specialized. Which horse insurance is still worth is matter of opinion, of course comes it, how valuable is the horse certainly also and was succeeded on purpose. The following horse insurance are very popular with horse owners and also very important, such as such as the horse insurance, horse health horses-op horse transport insurance or Theft and the horse life insurance and as that were not already enough horse insurance, there are still other less known, like for example the foal embryo insurance pregnancy insurance and the horses castration insurance with some this insurance probably only specifically come for breeders in question.

The most important horse insurance is of course first and foremost the horse liability insurance, which covers persons, damage to property and pecuniary losses. Contributions include can a free horseback riding participation, the so-called foreign riders risk and private carriage. Also, you should make sure that rental property damage or damage to the rented box are covered, if the horse is housed elsewhere. The provider distinguish between riding horses, competition horses, foals, ponies and grace bread horses at the horse liability. The horse transport insurance or theft insurance is some providers already free in the horse insurance included.

Because medical expenses at one Horse cause considerable costs should you insurance considering pulling horse health insurance or the horses-op as additional horse insurance in any case. Here, the age and health of the horse plays a major role. Note here also may be very low coverage limits, and a comparison of insurance should be very carefully performed only a few offers are not everywhere, a degree is advisable. The horse life insurance is worthwhile especially in expensive horses or if you have several horses. Here are no limits of the sum insured, so very precious performance horses not only for death, but also for an eventual uselessness are insured, because often devoured the training in the respective horse already tons of money. Already before the birth of the foal this type can be completed by insurance. And if the death occurs through a so-called Pferderipper, so this is also insured. The foal embryo insurance and pregnancy insurance consider especially breeders into consideration. Because this type of horse insurance but too specific, the market is here quite manageable. For some this these horse insurance, a latency in buying must be taken until the insurance in case of damage enters into force. For this reason, the conclusion should be done in time. For the insurance of several horses often given a discount.


The FHA is a Government – backed agency that helps people achieve for insured by the Government. FHA aid programmes have a large variety of loans to help people meet their goals of home ownership. Click to clean your credit, free call. With so many choices, it simply to be one that will fit your needs. Here are some of the loan programs are offered that. Buyer home the first time the purchase of your first home is an important step in your financial life. Doing it the right way is important.

This is about what it is the new home buyer’s FHA all program. This is referred to as the 203 (b) program loan. With this program you can make your primary residence with a very small signal. This allows more people to qualify for their first home without spending much money out of pocket. To obtain this type of loan, go to almost any institution of credit in the market. They write the loan and the Government ensures it for them. This takes the risk away the Bank and puts it in the Government.The purchase of a House that needs repairs with a traditional loan that is not always easy. Most of the time, the purchase of this type of feature requires the purchaser to have much leverage the reserve and then it is better to have a credit report free.

The Bank would like to most of the houses in this condition were laid down before the loan. However, you cannot set something which you do not own. The 203 (k) program takes care of this problem. Not prohibit him enough money to buy the property and to repair that you need. This makes life much easier for those looking to buy a House that needs repairs.A home equity conversion mortgage is the version of the FHA’s reverse mortgage. A reverse mortgage is when the bank pays you money in a mortgage instead of you paying them. Equity is slowly bought by the Bank and then at the end of the mortgage a balloon payment is due. You can pay the balloon when you sell the House or when someone dies in the House. You can not be forced away from home by the Bank, but the Bank will own the rights to home once you have purchased the equity.With this type of loan, no matter if you have good credit or a sufficient income. As long as you have a House for which is paid and you are over the age of 62, you will probably qualify. This is perfect for retirees who are looking for a certain additional income.HUD also offers some other special programs in its list of mortgage and the loan in order. One such package is to foster economic energy. You can receive a special incentive if you choose to do your economic energy home. Another Department that is manufactured caravan homes and aid programme. With this program suggest making these safer structures inside live.