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Spain Eliminates Korea

The party ended tie to zero. ' rojita' it did not realise his better party. In the end it improved, and the result of penaltis made justice. The selection puts in the quarters of end of the match. Spain has eliminated South Korea after an eternal turn of sixteen penaltis and will be in the quarters of end of the World-wide Sub' 20 of Colombia, a competition in which is been on the verge of occurring one of the most unexpected surprises once sight the happened thing in first stage. It cost to him much to Spain to undo of the South Korean obstacle, that handcuffed the party throughout to him and until it counted a great occasion of goal to decide the encounter in first half of the prorogation. To those of Julen Lopetegui it appeared to them a ghost that it persecuted to ' Roja' during several years.

Penaltis before World-wide Korea of that welcomed the Asian country in 2002, the then ones in quarters of end. And their fears went off when Koke sent to stop third penalti and left into the hands of the rival throwers the luck of the shock. Luckily for the Spanish equipment, Fernando Pacheco became to Kim Young in the following launching very great and the companions of Koke were firm from the eleven meters until he failed Kim Kyung, in the sixteenth followed firing. Thus, Korea, one of the third parties of first stage, and Spain, of best in the starting of the flatter match and actualmentre, hope either to Brazil or Saudi Arabia in quarters, or in Pereira after rojita has taken leave today of Manizales, true talisman the time that takes in Colombia. Of beginning, surprises in the alignments. Julen Lopetegui did without Isco and the maximum goleador of the World-wide one, Alvaro Vzquez, and Lee Kwang Jong of its habitual attackers Seung Yong and Kyung Jung, the first first or second forward, according to what parties and the left extreme habitual second.

Brazil, China and Russia

The gravity of the European crisis worries to the emergent countries. On the contrary that in previous decades, when episodes of instability in the developed economies less extended their contagion to the outposts and required of the rescue through the multilateral organisms, now they are the mighty emergent countries those that fear the rarefaction wave of the evils which they afflict to the rich countries. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from David Zaslav. China, with its enormous international reserves, has become object of desire for the Governments of countries with problems like Greece, Portugal, Spain or, now, Italy. While, the Brazilian minister of Economy, Guido Mantega, announced yesterday that Brazil, along with the other three countries that represent the most solid economies of the emergent countries and which trains the group of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China), they are arranged to help Europe to leave the economic crisis ties down that it. Source of the news: : Brazil, China, Russia and India will help Europe to be able to surpass the crisis

State Davutoglu Border

They flee from a possible retaliation of the regime of Bashar to Asad against the population of Cisr ace Shugur, where they would have been died 120 police. They have been welcomed by the Red Moon and they receive three meals to the day. The Turkish ministry of Exteriors has decided to establish a center of press in Yayladagi, where it is the camping of refugees, due to the interest. More of a thousand of Syrians there are cruzado in last the 24 hours the Turkish border to escape of the bloody repression in its country, according to semi-official agency Anadolu. From the past Thursday they are already 1,577 people those that have looked for refuge in the neighboring country; they flee from a possible retaliation of the regime of Bashar to Asad against the population of Cisr ace Shugur, to about 20 kilometers of the Turkish border, where apparently were dead 120 police. The refugees have been appointed to a camp struck in the Turkish border locality of Yayladagi, to where also they have been shipments ambulances to become position of possible Syria wounded. A municipal spokesman said that from this Wednesday there are cruzado border 1,050 Syrians, who have been welcomed by the Red organization Moon and which they receive three meals to the day. Preoccupation of Erdogan Due to the worsening of the situation in Syria and to the increasing interest of the average foreigners, the Turkish ministry of Exteriors decided to establish a center of press in Yayladagi, where it is the camping of Syria refugees. Click Jeffrey L. Bewkes to learn more.

Anadolu agency emphasized that the number of Syrians that has fled to Turkey has increased enormously after Turkish prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, affirmed that the doors of Turkey will not close the Syria town. " At this moment, to close our doors (to the Syrians) is excluded. The events in Syria are sad we followed and them with preocupacin" , Erdogan commented, while his Ahmet, Secretary of State Davutoglu, emphasized that Turkey is prepared for a massive entrance of Syrians. Source of the news: At least thousand Syria refugees cross the border Turkey in last the 24 hours