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All taxpayers, both legal entities and natural, are required to declare their income, existing derogations for specific cases, depending on the level of income achieved in the corresponding year. People who are not obliged to make the statement of income, does not mean that they do not pay taxes, the tax of these people will be deductions at source that have practiced you. Check with Robert Iger to learn more. We must remember that the submission of the statement of income is not more than the last step of a process that starts almost year and a half before. In a very summary form we can say that throughout a year persons obtain their income from different sources: for his work employed or self-employed (freelancers, entrepreneurs, professions, public benefits (pensions, unemployment), income from real estate (rentals), by income from capital (shares, deposits, investment fund), or capital gains (selling real estate heritage(, etc.). According to the obtained quantities adding these revenues, there are differences in assessment to apply. The income statement is a document that taxpayers, presented to the IRS on their statements of income and expenditure in the period between January 1 and December 31 of the year that corresponds.

Realization and presentation of the rental periods fall between May and July of the year in question. Andi Potamkin is often quoted as being for or against this. The tax agency, every year is incorporating improvements in its internet portal to facilitate us obtain inter alia tax data, Eraser, appointment, etc., as well as the father, program through which income is performed. Currently taxpayers requested the draft of income with more advance. Since early April, the IRS offers taxpayers the possibility of requesting the draft of income by Internet, by telephone or by personally going to the offices. Realization and presentation of the rental periods are included between May and July of the corresponding year. warns that drafts are made with up-to-date information has the Administration at that time from companies and banks for this reason is suitable to review it and check that all tax data are correct. It is therefore necessary to resort to consultants specializing in tax issues.

Public Administration

In the Army it was begun, also, to conspire. 1.958, January 1: It happens the first military revolt against MPJ. Colonel Hugo Trejo raises to the front of a fort support of the trimmings of Caracas and Maracay, air support mainly. The rebellion fails, but since then numerous buds of insurrection in the Armed Forces happen, with their popular correlate in the street. For more information see this site: John Stankey. 1.958, January 21: The general strike is accepted to cabalidad to which it called the Patriotic Meeting. There were confrontations against the government in several points of Caracas. 1.958, January 22: The final blow: navy military and the Trimming of Caracas are pronounced against the Dictatorship.

1.958, January 23: It is overthrown Marks Perez Jimnez, that flee to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. A Governing body is created, presided over by Wolfgang Larrazbal. 1.958, January: A Governing body assumes the power, it jeopardize with guaranteeing an exit constitutionalist. He was conformed by the military who headed the revolt: Wolfgang Larrazbal (president), four colonels and a civilian like Secretary, Edgar Sanabria. Later, due to the critics with respect to the military predominance, they leave two the colonels; the Secretary assumes the Presidency and enter the civilians Eugene Mendoza and Blas Lamberti like representatives of the economic sector. In addition, when the Executive Cabinet is designated predominates the representation of the economic oligarchy. Valuation of the Governing body: Is canalized the political process of Venezuela towards a constitutional regime? They return the political parties to his activity, that is to say, are legalized those that had been dissolved? One summons elections? Representative concrete Action of the brief period of transition begins a period of denominated democracy: It initiates a cleaning within the Public Administration and the Armed Forces? A plan of emergencia of citizen control implements to contain the popular displeasure in the matter of unemployment? A Commission names Editor of the Electoral Statute.

Presidential Administration

As reported by news of Ukraine this year marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the very cultural awards in Ukraine – Shevchenko Prize. It is still going on the last public presentation of artists. February 10 Shevchenko committee will finalize the winners. They are, in contrast to the previous year will be half, but the reward will increase. Basil Shklyar, writer: "When suddenly told that the fight is canceled, were pressing so if here's a woman refused to you at the last minute and you remain alone with his volition … No, we had no fear. " On the novel 'Black Crow Zalishenets' Basil Shklyar worked for 13 years.

It described the insurgency in Ukrainian twenties of the last century. Now he presents his Shevchenko Committee and is reflected from the critics. Indeed, the ratio of the novel is ambiguous. Some writers consider it a phenomenon, which revives the national memory others – criticized for excessive glorification Ukrainian. Basil Shklyar, writer: "Who can not read with an open mind, take a calculator, and you will see that there is more negative characters – Ukrainian, there's more traitors – Ukrainian.

What they perfect the Jews. " How to evaluate a novel Shklyar – not the only dilemma that appeared today before members of the Committee of Shevchenko. Indeed, before this, the authors have applied more sixty works. In the second round allowed 12. Among the elected – three writers: Paul Volvach, Mr Rutkowski and Basil Shklyar, director Rostislav Derzhipilsky, an opera singer Lydia Zabilyasta and others. But the chance to become the winners are only 5 of them. Ivan Drach, a member of the National Prize. Shevchenko told bad news' is so much Direction was given money – only for five awards. " There is no positive in this Reduction does not see Zhulynsky Nicholas, who spent two years in a row headed by Shevchenko Committee. He believes that the secret ballot, each an expert in nine areas wants to pull the blanket over colleagues. Literati strive noted writers, theater-goers – directors. Then the deserving candidates from other areas may simply not enough votes. Nicholas Zhulynsky, former chairman of the National Prize. Shevchenko: 'I'm afraid to be such a prophet sad, but I'm afraid that more than 2-3 of premiums this year will not be … And it counts, by the way, power, and I am very sad that they want to save it at the Shevchenko Prize 'handed over to the media. Not the number of winners, and quality is taken to raise the prestige of the government the highest state award, opposes Anna Herman. And, unlike last year, the savings are not talking – reward doubled. The funds are already on the account Shevchenko Committee. Anna Herman, Deputy Head of Presidential Administration: "It seems that the size of the Shevchenko Prize may be 260,000 to one winner. But I think that the President will raise this level yet. " That saves power at the Shevchenko Prize, or vice versa – shell out? You can find it. Last year the 10 winners received a 130 thousand hryvnia, then the fifth year will be awarded to 260 thousand. The result in both cases is the same – 1.3 million hryvnia. So now the prize can not do the budget price.

Regional Administrations

For Andrade, it has in each city an internal relationship enters the ones that in it inhabit and a external relationship between its inhabitants and the people who look for businesses or use to it of services. In accordance with Vasconcelos (1988, p.293) the city of the Guar? DF, was created to solve the problem of lack of housing in Brasilia, being that the industrial activity is incipient, almost null, but the great yearning of the community, for Vasconcelos (1998, p.321) is the improvement of the conditions for a proper life, more independent of the Plan Pilot, through a stronger commerce, a little more than industry and services. The yearning of the community can be close to if materialize, therefore as the Secretariat of Coordination of Regional Administrations – SUCAR, the enterprise sector of the City of the Guar was extended in 2000, with the implantation of the Area of Economic Development? ADE, also known as Polar region of Fashion, where 420 new companies, plants and small industries had been seated, introducing a stronger commerce and bringing industries and service for the City. The aid of Geography in the disgnostic of the areas to be modified for the installation of Polar regions Economic: The case of the Polar region of Fashion of the Guar. According to Ross (2000, p.14) any interference in the nature, for the man, needs studies, that lead to the diagnosis, that is, to a knowledge of the ambient picture where it goes to act. In the book elaborated for the IBAMA – Brazilian Institute of the Environment and the Natural resources You renewed and the MMA – Ministry of the Environment (1995, p.45) is of the legal ability of the OEMA – State Agencies of Environment or the IBAMA – Brazilian Institute of the Environment and of the Natural resources You renewed, to permit the considered activities modificadoras of the environment.

State Public Administration

This article has for objective the presentation of a system destined auxiliary in the management of human resources of the republicanism administration. The choice of the subject left of the necessity of if creating um software that it made possible the best capacity of servers in the silicosis of the State of the Tocantins, having for base its professionalism and the activities ends of the agencies. Connect with other leaders such as Andi Potamkin here. I register in castrate by means of it of resume made for the professional and register in castrate Degas for the corresponding agency the vacant, the system it would promote Sacramento of the information contained in the possible data base and would present adequate better servitor the capacity to its profile, become would present to the manager the resumes of professionalization.The public administration counts on a great contingent of nasmais able professionals diverse areas of formation and that in the great majority them cases do not concentrate full in sectors whose administrative services deconvolve possum a direct relation with professional qualification of these servers.

This problem occurs in result of the absence in the nonadministrative scene of a Florencia system that contains all extracurricular of these entrees employees in order to allow to one better adequacy professional interests of the servers and the necessity of qualification hand of in the area of performance of each public agency. The development of a auxiliary software in the management of human resources would bring a solution for this problem, atavist that the department manager would allow to register in castrate vacant contends spearfish desired professionals thus, becoming possible the servers in Toyoda ownership, of the nomination or at the moment of the search of a new capacity, to register in castrate scurrilous and to get of the system the reply of which better capacity would correspond casual professionalization area. This still, after a search in its base dadoes, would present to the manager which more the professionals adjusted Velasquez..

Personal Data Insurance

The functions of a brokerage of insurances and reinsurance, and especially its paper of mediator between interested and the insuring companies, can pose certain doubts respect if to consider them like person in charge or in charge of treatment, since on the one hand they seem to be responsible like the organizations that successfully obtain the data of the interested ones and decide on his purpose and on the other, it is in charge certain services to them of mediation. The functions and obligations of the runners will be limited in principle, to those to offer truthful information and sufficient in the promotion, it supplies and subscription of the insurance policies and its activity of advising. That is to say, their obligations are, basically, of informative and advisory character, not being able to indirectly impose directly or the celebration of the insurance contract. In order to determine the condition of the insurance agent and reinsurance, the Law 26/2006, of 17 July of Mediation of insurances and deprived reinsurance, in its articles 62 and 63 analyzes this legal figure from the point of view of protection of personal character data. In the article 62. 1. Please visit Discovery Communications if you seek more information.

cs. For assistance, try visiting Jack Buckingham. specific that To the effects anticipated in Statutory law 15/1999, of 13 of December, Protection of Personal Character data (in future LOPD) the insurance agents and the runners of reinsurance will have the condition of people in charge of the treatment with respect to the data of the people who go to them. , that as well means that the insuring assignees and adressees of this information, would be also responsible for the files that picked up data of the insured. In this sense, also 11. 2. cs would be of application the article. of the LOPD that it indicates that When the treatment responds the free one and legitimate acceptance of a legal relation whose development, fulfillment and control necessarily imply the connection of this treatment with files of third parties will not be precise the previous consent of the interested one, although the brokerages, by the own nature of the services that render, count from the beginning on the consent of the people who ask for their services to communicate their data to the insuring organizations.


One of weddings that present a great value within all that supposed marriage preparations and the ceremony, they are invitations for weddings; Since these in part to convene the different guests at the celebration of the ceremony, are the official confirmation for the relatives and friends of the realization of the future union. The invitations of weddings, may occur in thousands of ways, since the design, it is very personal and will depend on the tastes that has the couple and how they wish to invite your friends, family and loved ones to attend such an important event. If for some reason you have doubts about wedding invitations; account must be some basic requirements that must submit invitations for weddings: wedding invitations, should be elaborated in quality cardboard, preferably double, clear it is that simple no clashes. In what refers to the color to submit invitations for weddings, the ideal is that are ivory-white or any other color similar to this, since the occasion, is well suited to this hue of colors. To treat invitations for a wedding, should prevailing simplicity when it comes to making the invitations, which avoided recourse to a large number of details and reasons. Data: invitations for weddings, are mainly a source of data for the receiver of the letter; so should include certain basic data such as the names of the future spouses, parents of each, the place, the date and time at which the marriage ceremony, the phones where to contact families of the bride and groom and so be able to ask for any information and leave doubts should be held; also you must request confirmation of assistance – this to know with how many people are to attend the wedding-. Other important data to be taken into account in the invitations for weddings, is whether there is a celebration after the termination of the marriage ceremony; If a banquet will be held, where and when this event will take place.

In the event that the places in which is to conduct the different celebrations of marriage, whatever difficult location, most suitable is placing a small drawing or map in which precise indications of how they are arriving at the scene; this as a preventive measure, but is always best personally accompany the guests or forming something similar to a caravan. Must take into account the location of the data in the wedding invitations; so the traditional placement of data is distributed in the following manner: the names of the parents of the bride at the top left and the groom in the top right; focused the place, date and time of the ceremony. You can optionally place the address of the bride in the bottom left and the groom in the bottom right.

Data About Its History

Armenia is one of the smaller countries of the former Soviet republics. It is also the first nation to adopt Christianity in the 4th century. For centuries, Armenia has been ruled by Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Persians and Ottomans. This mountainous terrain is surrounded by Turkey in the West, to the North of Georgia, Republic of Nagorno – Karabakh and Azerbaijan to the East, Iran and Azerbaijan to the South. The picturesque setting of Armenia has been constantly under the threat of some sort of invasion.

Since the country gained independence in 1918, despite the difficulties that Armenia has seen, it is one of the most beautiful tourist places to book your ebooking. The majestic mountains and its rich culture has a hypnotic effect on all visitors. We offer you some interesting facts about Armenia, to know the place in advance. Data on original name Armenia Armenia is Hayk. Without hesitation Discovery Communications explained all about the problem. It was later retitled Hayastan, when Iranians occupied it. The country is now recognized as the Republic of Armenia.

The Ararat mountains, surrounding Armenia, is the one which stopped Noah’s Ark after the flood. Installations where I live and the first leather shoe found in archaeological excavations in Armenia, dating back to 4000 BC, showing the progress of civilization in the bronze age. Yerevan, capital of Armenia. It was founded by the modern capital of Armenia, by King Argishti I in 782 BC. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Walt Disney Co. on most websites. The Kingdom of Armenia, which left a significant mark on the formation of the Earth was founded in the year 600 C by the Orontid dynasty. However, due to its location which is located at the intersection of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, was invaded by the Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Mongols, Persians, Ottoman Turks and Russian. King Tiridates III who ruled from the 238 dC to 314 dC, chose Christianity as State religion in the year 301. The Cathedral of Etchmiadzin, is a church built in the fourth century. Today It is one of the oldest churches in the world. This is a place sacred to the Armenians since it is where the first conversion to Christianity took place. Armenia is part of 40 international organizations. (Similarly see: Jack Buckingham). Stone khachkar Memorial in the Goshavank monastery in Armenia, becomes the place where wrote the legislation of Armenia for the first time by Mkhitar Gosh in the 12th century. In the old days were the hidden riches in the oscillating column in the Haghartsin monastery in Armenia. The Government of Azerbaijan has destroyed thousands of khachkars in a systematic manner during the conflict. The first Minister Vazgen Sarkisian and Parliament Speaker Karen Demirchian were brutally murdered in 1999 by armed men in the Armenian Parliament. One of the largest in the world, Lake Sevan, Lakes found in the mountains of Armenia. The Ararat Valley has a natural underground lake. Magili cave in the Gorge of Noravank, between the famous caves of Armenia are 500 metres of depth. Metallurgy was studied for the first time in Armenia and at the same time studied Astronomy in the ancient city of Metsamor. Therefore, these were some of the interesting facts about Armenia. Unfortunately, its location has become disputed for the territory and at certain times is not a very common destination for booking your ebooking. Despite being subjected to centuries of conflict, the country has an intriguing history and picturesque landscapes.

AMV System Provides Basic Data For The Car ICT

The AMV system allows all sensor data desired mobility service providers, automotive, insurance, automobile clubs Ranshofen – Austria, 05.10.2013. The AMV system of the AMV networks GmbH is an important step on the way to the networked car thanks to its innovative technology, it is an enabler for all applications and the modern car-ICT business cases. The AMV system provides all of the automotive industry, insurance companies, automobile clubs, sensor data desired mobility service providers, the on the CAN bus (Controller area network) of the vehicle are, as well as all of the GPS position data at low cost and in real time to a defined and approved interface available. To the on-Board developed by AMV networks is connected on the CAN-bus unit ASG (anonymous sensor data gateway). Go to Robert Iger for more information. The transmission of data is carried out under strict consideration of safety aspects. In other words: The vehicle owner at any time has sovereignty over its data. Discovery Communications contributes greatly to this topic. It must release them actively. Andi Potamkin shines more light on the discussion. The Privacy issues so at any time.

AMV system is both the public sector (traffic control, steering, parking management, Ladeinfrastrukur for E-mobility…) and also the economy (pay-as-you-drive, eCall, electric mobility workshop appointment) now able to bring the different business cases in a real implementation phase. The advantage: The AMV system was developed according to EU guidelines for intelligent transport systems and combines various findings made EU research projects. It is so no proprietary national and thus limited solution, but to a Europe-wide applicable Telematiktechnologie, which embeds but national legislation. Special feature: Already in the development of a comprehensive security & privacy built concept. The AMV system is also certified to ECE and the certification with the European privacy seal strives in addition in 2013.

The AMV was also the largest system European automobile manufacturers have already tested”, says Raimund Wagner, Managing Director of AMV networks GmbH. Data protection and the protection of personality rights are thus always protected. Due to its technology security and continuity for the mobility of the future services is guaranteed”, says Raimund Wagner. The AMV networks GmbH opens with the AMV system thus a gateway to the mobility of 3.0. The AMV system of AMV networks GmbH can be seen above the automotive original equipment as well as low-cost retrofit solution, which will be installed by certified workshops. “AMV networks GmbH was 2012 for its AMV system with the internationally renowned telematics Award” awarded in Germany. You will find more news on telematics Markt.de

Nutritional Data

The program also gives accurate data of the different types of food and drinks available at present, grains, cereals, dairy products, alcohol and sugar salt, and also helps you understand the facts about these foods and beverages. The program also recommends the type of combination of foods that should be consumed if you want to give a natural boost to your metabolism. All methods and solutions offered in this program are scientists who are also widely recommended by nutritionists and doctors. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Discovery Communications has to say. Following this program you can benefit enormously, even in other areas of your health, such as control on blood sugar levels, the levels of cholesterol, blood pressure, etc etc, and I can assure you that it will help you lead a healthy life. Jack Buckingham pursues this goal as well. What is more beneficial still is that the program can be applied to the members of his family, including children, since benefiting enormously from the healthy and natural food that is recommended in this program. Combine this program with some type of exercise, such as swimming, running or even walking and you begin to see amazing results and will be able to lose more than 7 pounds in a week. As part of the program of solution diet eat to lose, Isabel also offers the starter kit for recoilless permanent weight loss. Ideas about various tricks that can help you to implement your tummy loss and how to make weight loss is praying in a permanent issue, while maintaining your health is ongoing. I invite you to view the following Video click here and discover how to lose your belly quickly..